"...grand, breathlessly romantic pop"

Hot Horizons' music is sweeping atmospheric dream-pop full of aching lyrics, grandiose and meticulous production and an almost cinematic romance.

Brothers Jake and Rory McCarthy began writing and recording together as a Hurts-style synth pop duo in 2009 but quickly expanded their sound, and their band, to fill their ambitions to create heart-swelling pop music full of drama and grandeur.

The band’s debut single October / Spoken was released by Late of the Pier’s Zarcorp label in 2010 and quickly grabbed the attention of bloggers, critics and DJs including Huw Stephens and John Kennedy.

The follow-up EP, All Of This, developed their anthemic sound further – marrying classic songwriting with even more kaleidoscopic production.

Hot Horizons

In early 2012 the band decided to go their separate ways to concentrate on other projects - including stints with Metronomy, Connan Mockasin and Charlotte Gainsbourg for Rory.

Their final single as Hot Horizons was the double A side Ill / I Can't Stay Awake, an incredible record showing just what an ambitious and talented band they were.

Ill was written and originally demoed by songwriter/producer Rory McCarthy after spending several months severely sick in hospital. The vocal recorded in a lonely hospital corridor made it into the final version and contributes to the song’s ghostly atmosphere. Ill is a beautiful melody, soporific and ethereal, a woozy, lulling, otherworldly journey.

I Can't Stay Awake is a sublime and gentle gem that proves just as haunting and affecting. Lyrically tender the song builds hypnotically with its heartfelt refrain.

"...lo-fi and lovely, woozy yet melodic" - The Guardian

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Tragically, in late 2012 Jake McCarthy suffered a seizure which left him in a coma. He was found to have a large brain tumour, which had gone undiagnosed, and died in December.

Jake's family have since set up a charitable foundation in his memory, to raise awareness of the symptoms of brain tumours and to enable early diagnosis. Following discussions with Rory and his family we have decided to re-release the Hot Horizons single with all proceeds being donated to the Jake McCarthy Foundation

Ill / I Can't Stay Awake was re-released on limited edition vinyl and download on 5th August 2013 through Hello Thor Records / Denizen Recordings with all proceeds going to the Jack McCarthy Foundation - click HERE to buy.

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