"Dr Frankenstein with a pencil case"

Dan Toporowski's work can at times be like being strapped into a vaudevillian ghost train, at others like being stuck in the darkest recesses of Mansfield on the night your neighbours burn a wicker man. Haunting and horrific, somehow Dan always manages to stay hilarious.

Dan T's work is inspired by comic book legends Berni Wrightson and "Ghastly" Graham Ingels, by the sounds of AC/DC and Black Sabbath, by a monumental stack of horror movies, and by a glug or two of Absinthe in the cellar. He calls it "super-doodling". Someone else once called him "Dr Frankenstein with a pencil case".

Furiously creative, Dan is the man behind the legendary Black PiƱata comic. He is also the man behind most of the visuals at Hello Thor gigs and parties. In July 2008 we presented his debut art exhibition at the Hand & Heart Gallery in Nottingham, and produced a DVD of three of his films. He's also made a video to accompany Cockatoo by Fists, and who knows what he's working on next. He is awesome.

Franklin's Haunted House from Dan Toporowski on Vimeo.

Twenty Year Hurricane / Upside Down from Dan Toporowski on Vimeo.

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